Why Aerodynamics are so Important

Aerodynamics have really changed over the years where it used to be, slap a wing on the back, and BOOM… downforce. It’s not like that anymore.

A lot of aerodynamics nowadays shapes the overall look of the vehicle. Most new vehicles are developed in wind tunnels to sculpt the car in the most efficient way.

Most high-performance cars have been doing wind tunnel tests for a couple of decades. The benefits of improved aero on a performance car consist of:

  • Higher downforce to improve overall stability on a track at higher speeds and in the corners
  • The car has been shaped in a way to have air pass by as least disrupted as possible, almost like a large bullet cutting through the air
  • Active aero has been developed where moving body panels in certain places move to adjust for the specific driving condition: hard breaking, accelerating, cornering

Though it used to be a performance car thing to run the vehicle through aerodynamic tests, it is trickling down into more mainstream car manufacturers.

A problem that the growing EV market faces is that current vehicles can’t go very far on a single charge. What improved aerodynamics does for the whole EV industry is:

  • Higher range on a charge by making the vehicle as slippery through the air as possible.

A very slick shape on all vehicles with very few cutouts and panel gaps to not disrupt the air passing by. (Mercedes EQS has the lowest drag coefficient ever @ 0.200)

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