DS106 – Image 3

DS106 Assignment

The assignment was to merge two pictures of yourself; one of you as a younger child and one of you from today. I was supposed to make it so I photoshop one or the other into the other picture, but I don’t have a tool like photoshop to make a clean edit or two pictures with poses that look like they’d fit together. To complete the assignment the best that I can, I tried to find pictures with relatively the same backgrounds (green-ish) and just merged the two pictures using a photo merging site. On the left is actually a video that a friend took of me golfing for the first time. I was for some reason putting from 100 feet out on an incline, and yet somehow I completely overshoot the hole. The picture on the left was from when I lived in Ohio. It was taken in October in the heat of the Ohio State football season which has been our culture for nearly two decades now (even now that I live in Maine). More than likely I was on my way in from playing a pick-up front yard football game with all the neighbors before the Buckeyes were on. We lived on such a close street to the stadium that people would park on our street and walk to the game. It was fun because playing football out front with the people walking by was almost like having our own fans… until we start hitting cars.