DS106 – GIF 2

DS106 Assignment

First GIF:
It is of me waking up in the morning at around 5:30 every day. Most of the time I am up doing homework, and this is usually the time I get the assignments for CMM240 done. What I do in the mornings consists of homework, breakfast, and a shower besides on Tuesdays and Thursdays where I have an 8:00 am class so I usually finish homework the night before.
Second GIF:
The second GIF was on me driving through Kennebunkport, on my way to class which was Linear Algebra yesterday. From where I live, it’s about a 15-20 minute drive based on if you get caught up behind some slow grandmas. It is also a nice route to look around at the scenery with the port and the ocean views down route 9. The music I listen to each morning in the car also varies based on the mood, but most of the time its either rap from Kanye YE West, Polo G, Lil baby, etc., or a playlist I made with all of the best songs I could think of.
Third GIF:
It was of a nasty Financial Economy assignment that was essentially our midterm, but it took most of what we learned up until this point and combined it into one mega problem. A 30 part question that took the full 3 hours between Linear Algebra and a movie for another class I had to go to at 6;00. All I can say is Chegg for $14.95 a month cam in clutch on this one. Was it worth it, probably not.
Fourth GIF:
Was of me driving home after a movie we had in my ENG278 class. Personally, I didn’t want to go and I wish I hadn’t because of all the work there’s been for midterms week. There’s supposedly going to be a quiz question on the movie but I can’t even remember the name of the movie or the name of the main character.