Daily Create #7323

DS106dc Assignment

The crazy piece of furniture that I found that fits my personality is this desk. It’s a one off, specially designed desk for the owner, Manny Khoshbin who’s a car collector and real estate tycoon in Orange County, California. The desk is like many of his one of one Special edition cars. It is made completely of carbon fiber and is shaped to mimic a B2 bomber. And even has the little cockpit at the point of the desk that is slightly humped to mimic the shape. On the ends the wings fold down at just the right angle so the desk will stand despite looking unstable. It also comes with a set of four carbon fiber chairs that mimic the cockpit chairs in a B2 bomber. The whole set together is worth $3 million. Despite the price tag, it matches my personality because I support the military and think that the B2 bomber is one of the coolest things on earth. I also really like cars, especially really special and unique supercars like Manny has. A carbon fiber of the desk fits my personality because that’s what a lot of these special cars are made out of. On a work note, I also do a lot of things on computers like data analysis so a piece of furniture like a desk, fits the best.