Electric Cars Aren’t What You Think They Are

Since the arrival of electric vehicles, we have thought that this is a solution for our global fix on the output of carbon dioxide emissions. What a lot of people don’t understand is how incredibly inefficient it is to make an electric car at this point in time and a lot of media and car brands have been silent as to put out data for this claim.

Volvo cars out of Sweden have recently put out a comparison in efficiency to produce electric cars and regular gas-powered cars. Their research was done on a model called XC40 which they have produced in both electric and gas, so they are able to run a direct comparison between the two.

As many may assume, the electric car is more efficient, however, it’s not what you think it is in terms of efficiency.

It is actually far less efficient to produce electric-powered vehicles than it is to produce gas-powered vehicles and that is because of how inefficient it is to mine the lithium for the batteries. In Volvo’s report, they released the numbers in which the XC40 Electric variant brakes even in terms of efficiency after 146,000 km of driving on a global level. Volvo stated that the electric variant is more efficient in the long run than the gas-powered variant based on the fact that the average gas-powered car that they sell is driven about 110,000 miles (177,000 km).

Image from Volvo Cars Article

This is far less efficient than I would’ve thought an electric car to be, and I can only think it’ll get better and more efficient from here. But there are gas-powered cars like Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s that don’t go as far as the break-even point for electric vehicles. Most of their high production cars go on average 20,000 to 30,000 miles. So why are they staring away from gas-powered low production cars that are, in the long run, actually more efficient than their electric counterparts?

My personal opinion, hybrids are the most beneficial Engine for a vehicle that doesn’t do relatively high miles because it has the production efficiency of a gas engine but, an easy-to-produce small electric motor that increases the cars overall fuel consumption and efficiency.

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