DS106 – Meme 3

DS106 Assignment

Organism – an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form.

This is not the normal word that ends in an ISM. There are many different organisms in this world, some may even seem unreal, hard to believe, or unknown to us. Personally, I’ve dealt with a lot of organisms through different science classes I’ve taken throughout high school and my first year at U.N.E. In the marine sciences program. A lot of the research had to do with collecting samples and analyzing them in different ways or dissecting something to find different body parts of that Organism. There are also other organisms that we learn about but are extremely dangerous to see and analyze in person like different fungi’s and bacteria, some of which have been found in Maine.

I also remind my brother when he’s being an idiot, maybe a bit of idiotism, that he is an Organism Because who would expect that comeback.