DS106 – Image 4

DS106 Assignment

Quite literally The Brady Bunch. It’s a collection of some of Tom Brady’s many great pictures. Starting in the bottom left moving clockwise, we have a meme picture of Tom Brady winning Super Bowls at 75. That should come of no surprise as he’s well on his way. Next is him with maybe his favorite wide receiver to throw to in his career, Julian Edelman. Next is a Tom Brady flex because he’s allowed to flex on the haters. Then comes an all-time classic picture from him taking his draft picture. Looks like he just got done drinking 12 beers at a frat party. In the top left we have what will forever be an iconic photograph of his 7 Super Bowl rings. Then it’s a picture of he and his bud that keeps him young, Gronk, on their video set or whatever it is where they make some funny videos. Then it’s him absolutely hammered (more hammered than any U of M party(Go Bucks)) at the Super Bowl parade in Tampa. And finally, it’s a picture of him holding a goat because he is the G.O.A.T.