Daily Create #3700

DS106dc Assignment

This is Dylan. I don’t know why, but when he popped up I instantly thought of memes (probably that uneven t-shirt collar); specifically to gaming. They are some of the funniest things on the internet in my opinion. Though there are some that can sometimes be negative towards a certain group, the stereotypes in gaming and the memes that come of it are top tier. Upper Echelon. Goated. Some of the current trends directed at those stereotypes consist of kids getting way too overly excited about something most people wouldn’t care about. There’s just something hilarious about kids screaming carelessly while dropping an occasional F-bomb. Another meme that immediately came to mind when I thought of the idea of a quote/saying related to a meme on Tik-Tok. Usually, it is a video of a random person identifying something, then there’s a duet of a guy saying, “Jit tripping, that looks like a Meddy Beddy.” Though that meme has sort of worn out, it originally became funny because of how random it was. When coming up with the name, I really tried to think of something with a wack nickname. A family friend we talked to earlier today, whose name is Dylan, is what I initially thought of and very soon after came the nickname, Dyl Pickle.