Daily Create #3729

DS106dc Assignment

Once upon a time, my mom decided to have guests over to our house. I think we all know where this is going aye? Welcoming guests into the house for some reason is not okay in the eyes of my mother if say under my bed had a dust bunny (singular). Just one. So, I was asked to go clean/tidy up the house to make it “presentable” for our guests. I usually call it a day after just Vacuuming because, let’s be honest mom, no one gives a damn about a cobweb in the closet. Once I got done vacuuming, I was incredibly exhausted from doing manual labor so I took a rest on the couch until our guests got here. After showing up an hour late because it turns out my mom lied about when they’d get here so I’d get the place cleaned in enough time, I get bored and went to my room. However, we all dread the times when our parents call us down to do something for other people that you showed your parents earlier and thought it was embarrassing. Well… that’s exactly what happened. Unenthusiastically, I came downstairs to perform my cool, embarrassing stunt. I walked under a ladder proving that it doesn’t bring bad luck. But, how would I know that I proved that myth when I only showed it to my mom two hours ago. Hardly anything happens in two hours. After I completed the stunt, I immediately shit myself in fear that I’d brought more bad luck to myself so I went back upstairs and changed my underwear.