Daily Create #3752

DS106dc Assignment

The assignment was to take something from today and give it the 80s retro vibe. I chose Miguel Cabrera because he’s just about my favorite player of all time, and arguably the greatest fundamental hitter of the 2000s-2010s. Below his name is a tribute to his insane career and the stats/milestones he’s achieved. He’s a 4x MVP and 7x Slive Slugger award winner as well many other awards. Late last season, he reached 500 career home runs currently 28th all-time. This season has been a quick sprint to two more milestones being 3000 hits (only 33 in this list ever) and 600 doubles (only 17 in this list ever). He’s only one away from each! Will his 3000th hit also be his 600th double?