Peer Review

Learning Outcome #4: Peer Review

I peer reviewed Olivia Courchesne’s paper which was very well written for a draft and taught me a lot about the formatting of my paper. The things I made suggestions about were a mostly grammatical. One of the essays she refers to was by Jessica Bennett and what I needed to do was simply fix the spelling of “Bennett” a couple of times. Another spot where I thought could use some work was towards the bottom of the first body paragraph where it says: “that game being playing hard to get.” I understood what was being said, but only after a couple times reading it back because the double “ing” makes it confusing and awkward to read. The last thing I suggested had more to do with mentioning an important topic that I think should be mentioned: The #MeToo movement. Though, everything that is talked about in the paper relates to the movement, the term is brought up at all, which I think is kind of a crucial part to add to this topic.