DS106 – Meme 2

DS106 Assignment

Are used to work at a farm for two years where we do a lot of different things throughout the different seasons of which we sold pumpkins, Christmas trees, and offered landscaping. I’ve seen gourds before, but not in such variety and different shapes and colors. Most gourds that got too old or damaged were thrown out in a compost pile which I would sometimes do. You’re supposed to bring them all in a trip because that’s the most time efficient way to do it. I however am a baseball player and like to throw them across the property into the pile. One time I was skimming through bad ones, I came across this guy. I thought this was funny because it just looks like a big nutsack. It is big right? Instead of leaving it because it was a good, sellable gourd, I took it home and it sat in a window for a few months.