Who’s the Better Driver


Oooo… the touchiest, most debatable subject, maybe ever, between men and women. There isn’t really a decisive answer to the question and there probably never will be. But, who said I can’t give my opinion based on subjective reasoning and data. DISCLAIMER: Everything below is opinion based unless cited by a source.

What constitutes a good driver?

  • Number of accidents caused by each group
  • Awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Knowing where to go
  • Overall smoothness (turning, lane changing, brake/gas pedal pressure, etc.)


In an article written by Malman Law in February 2022, their research found that on average men cause about 6.1 million car accidents per year while women cause about 4.4 million per year. So that should be clear who’s the better driver, right? No. There’s quite a bit more needed to determine who causes more accidents. And what Malman Law found was that men on average drive about 30% more than women do annually. However, men account for about 2.5 times more fatal crashes than women which cannot be justified by men simply driving more each year. So, it’s 1-1.


In a study conducted by Obrella of 427 people, 59% men and 41% women, they found that women (67%) are more likely to respond to a text than men (62%). It’s 2-1 in favor of the men.

Decision Making

This is purely based on MY occasions driving with other people which is about equal between men and women. I’m disappointed to say that my brother has been the only person I’ve driven with that’s made poor decisions out the road. Just like that, thanks to Will, were knotted up at 2.

Knowing where to go

Based on personal experiences, I’ve gotten lost when driven by pretty much every male driver I know. That’s not a good look for us, boys. It’s 3-2 women going into the final period

Overall Smoothness

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find that men are way smoother at driving than women. I got to be driven by multiple people in driver’s ed way back in the day and there seemed to be a noticeable difference between when men turned the car or braked or hit the gas pedal than women. Maybe that has to do with the possibility that guys in my class practiced more outside of driver’s ed, but I’ll give this win to the boys.


In conclusion, this will forever be an opinion on who’s better driver because there’s really no telling. And based on my analysis, it’s a tie, but I’m gonna have to say men are the better driver’s because that’s my civic duty.

In dedication to The Boys

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