Daily Create #3709

DS106dc Assignment

The assignment for this daily create was to find a vegetable that you hate, but I didn’t have a vegetable that I didn’t like nor did I have time to hit up the grocery store to find something so I picked a random food that I had that I hate. There’s just something about Cream of Wheat that is just terrible in my opinion. Oh yeah, there’s a song to play down below that describes this horse shit perfectly while you continue to read! It’s probably a consistency thing because most things that were once a solid-state that become almost a liquidy mush don’t sit well with some people. Or the fact that it makes you feel like you are an ole English folk from the 1700s with white hair, a silly-looking frock coat, chaps, and loafers that don’t match. Also, I guarantee those strawberries were forced against their will to be on the that box.