DS106 – Image 2

Ds106 Assignment

Thinking of what to take a picture of me doing 3 times in a pano photo was a lot more difficult than anticipated. I think ultimately if it were brighter outside, I would have done something pertaining to sports. What I took once a picture of me selling in the living room in a chair, a couch, and another chair posing as “the ole man” sleeping, sitting very still on the couch in front of poker chips, and reclined in the other chair as if it were a dentist chair.

Position 1:

For the first position, I thought of “the ole man” sleeping meme because that chair in front of the window is my preferred spot to sit, and sometimes I fall asleep there watching TV or movies late at night.

Position 2:

For the second position, it was really difficult to think of something to pose as so I ended up going with just a slouched seating pose with poker chips in front of me. I find poker very fun and an interesting game to play with family and friends. One day we just got 2 nice cases of poker chips that we found at a garage sale. I do not have a very good poker face but Lady Gaga does.

Position 3:

for the third position, I’m trying to think of an experience that I have had and that would be going to the dentist. I’ve been to many different dentists and orthodontists and despite not doing a dental track here at UNE, I’ve found a lot of interest in the dentistry field. For the picture, I got the closest thing I could to dentistry tools; a DeWalt power drill and a DeWalt impact driver because toothpicks and silverware just doesn’t look as cool. DeWalt > Milwaukee