QCQ 7 – Remix


“Copying materials, transforming them and combining them for the same ones used at any level of creation you might even say everything is a remix.” (1:23) 


To a certain extent, you can say that everything is a Remix, but at some point, it can become a little bit overkill especially when something is claimed to be original. The idea of remixing past topics safer instance in a movie where you take a scene from an older movie that fits into your script and remixes it, tweaking it ever so slightly to fit with your movie. An example used in the video was Star Wars, and though you can say that the original series is original in and of itself, it used bits and pieces from other films and playwrights. I sort of agree with that example where Star Wars is “remixed content”, But taking a few small chunks from other places seems a bit overkill especially when you’re trying to say that the original Star Wars series isn’t original to them. Other topics they talked about had to do with different inventions like the light bulb and the first car. I don’t agree with naming these inventions as remixes simply because we learn about them as such and they’d be told in history books that way if they weren’t the first to invent those things. But that’s not what the history books say probably because there’s much variation between the supposed “first” light bulb and car to the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison and the Ford Model T invented by Henry Ford that they are considered their own inventions (separate from the supposed) and not remixes.  


The idea that everything is a remix reaching a bit makes the term “original” almost meaningless, would you agree?