DS106 – Midpoint

  1. The threads I’m identifying are the #3700, #3709, and #3723 which I think are my best daily creates and I’d hope so as they are the newest ones and I’m still getting better at creating them. The way I go about created the challenges is I usually try to do something on the day that I can best relate to and I can create something humerous which I think I’ve accomplished. That way I can have fun doing the assignment rather than completing it because I need a grade. Personally, I’d continue what I’m doing as I’m still learning how to make each one better.
  2. These DS106 assignments are a bit more difficult and though I’ve had some struggles understanding what to do for them, I’m generally in the same boat as I am with the daily creates; just getting better. As of today, Thursday, March 24, when the third Meme assingment was due, I couldn’t figure out how to take the video, convert it to a GIF, and add text to it. I tried on the program suggested GIFrun and an app on my phone called GIPHY. I couldn’t figure out how to get the youtube video needed into the app itself so that idea was ditched, and for the program suggested, I couldn’t figure out how to cut down the video into a GIF format and have the text show up on the GIF itself. Other than the Meme 3 assignment, I’ve generally had good ideas for the different Meme, GIF, and Picture assignments where I’ve been able to tweak each one to make them funny as well as good quality.