300 mph… in a Car?


Most question why even attempt such a feat when there is nowhere in the world where you can go 300mph on a stretch of road. Only on the German autobahn are you able to legally stretch the legs of an exotic supercar. So why even try? Well, the customers buying these cars are very well-off individuals that find more value in the numbers a car can perform to rather than actually giving it a go. There are some who really drive there super expensive, million-dollar cars, but some also don’t want to take a risk in damaging such an asset out on the road. Few cars will ever be able to reach a 300mph top speed so all the cars will appreciate in the future.

Above is the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut named after the company owner’s father.

What’s needed for a car to go 300mph?

  • A very technologically advanced tire and wheel setup. Without it, the wheels could explode.
  • Sleek body so the air is hardly disrupted as the car cuts through it.
  • A lot of downforce to keep the car planted and not jumping around while doing 250+
  • A lot of horsepower. There’s such a thing as running out of horsepower and that’s when you hit the top speed. The group of cars below have an average output of 1692bhp


Bugatti has been regarded as one of if not the most prestigious car maker of all time. They were technically the first company to break the 300mph barrier for a street-legal production car with the Chiron SS clocking 304mph in one direction. Though, a run back in the opposite direction is needed to make an official world record, they could still break which is a feat in and of itself.


SSC meaning Shelby SuperCars of North America was the most recent to attempt to break the current official record. The first attempt was a claimed 316mph average, however there proved to be inaccuracies in the specialist timing gear. They went back for another run with working equipment and were able to beat the record with an average speed of 283mph. Though they didn’t hit 300mph on their record run, they went to a different place and quickly ran out of space so another attempt at breaking 300mph and their own record will be in SSC’s future.


They’ve been going at it with speed records for a while. Hennessey once held the record at 270.9mph with their Venom GT. Their new car, the Venom F5, is getting closer and closer to ready as videos have surfaced of test runs at 270mph. It is projected that the F5 will be able to reach a claimed 311mph so only time will tell.


Arguably the most successful car brand of the bunch when it comes to making brutally, raw high-speed cars. Since the company launched in 1994 and their first prototype production car was revealed in 2000, nearly every Koenigsegg ever built has been able to reach a claimed 240+ mph top speed. The ‘Agera’ family of cars, built between 2011 and 2017 have all been able to reach 270+ mph themselves with the recent record being held for 4 years by the Agera RS at 277.9mph. With their new family of cars, the Jesko, the high-speed version called the Jesko Absolut has a projected 331+ mph top speed. The owner, Christian Von Koenigsegg said in prototype testing, “the absolut has exceeded all of our expectations.”

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